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Saturday 2017/04/08: Old Montreal – Place des Arts

To have access to all the pictures (not all of them are in the article) go HERE.

Awakened since 5am, I stayed in bed as much as I can, I managed to sleep until 6:30am.
Dan had kindly left me some stuff to eat in the fridge, I took the opportunity to prepare a deluxe breakfast with nutty coffee (Nespresso, what else?), toast and orange juice.


Those who know me know that I never eat in the morning, normally it’s just my combo coffee-cigarettes but here as I can’t smoke in the apartment, well I compensate haha. But seriously, it takes lot of energy when you visit a city, I needed to have a full stomach.

I go outside around 9:30 am, looking for my subway station.
As I had already scheduled my entire trip, I knew exactly where to go and to which stations to get off. Everything is very well indicated in the subway stations (to go out in the right place), you won’t get lost.

First stop at “Square Victoria-OACI” to visit the World Trade Center of Montreal, as well as Square Victoria (which was quite fast).

Centre de commerce Mondial de Montréal

Then, direction “Place-d’Armes” to visit Old Montreal.

Basilique Notre-Dame, Old Port, Place Jacques Cartier, Champ de Mars, City Hall, Quebec Court of Appeal etc… I have practically seen everything. So how to tell you this…

People sold this neighborhood as the “best spot” in Montreal, and sincerely it was a big disappointment 😦

If you live in a European country like Belgium, France or Germany, with already an impressive architecture, frankly you’ll just feel like home.

And still, I don’t want to abuse but I prefer the streets of downtown Brussels to Old Montreal by far, so I advise you to take a train ticket and come to visit me, it is closer and it is Beautiful XD

For a person who has never been in Europe (especially the Americans), yes you will find that place awesome and for you I understand the interest!

For my part, I enjoyed but that’s it, because I have better at 60km away from home.

More pictures here.

I was already on my knees and it was only 11am.

I land on a bench in the Old Port to smoke a cigarette and oh surprise!

Free wifi in the port and another free wifi from the city of Montreal!!

I tested both and they work very well, you lose the signal of the port as soon as you go, for the city of Montreal it is rather when you move away from the tourist zones. It has happened to me that the signal comes back several times during my trip in a random way.

About wifi, you have macdo/starbucks just about anywhere, not very complicated to connect and very good quality (even from the outside I had access to it).

I decide to go back to rest a little. Arriving in front of my building (Tour des Canadiens, we’ll talk about it), I realize that there is a supermarket and so I go to buy something to eat.

A few hours later I set out for Place des Arts, Quartier des Spectacles and return to Old Montreal to visit the Clock Tower.

Place des Arts is a very nice place, where you feel the artistic side everywhere, it must be nice to be there when there are festivals or big events!!

Walking randomly, I found myself on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and on a part of Rue Sainte-Catherine. A lot of bars in this area including “Les Foufounes Électriques” (metal bar, the name killed me, french speakers will understand lol, means “Electric pussies”) that I wanted to go but I couldn’t make it unfortunately, I just took a picture of the outside.


Back in Old Montreal, I go down to “Champ-de-Mars” and try to walk to this famous tower.

Arrived at 500m (I was seeing it, finally), I fell by chance with pirate ship and my legs told me it was time to go back home, I listened.

I go back to my “Tour des Canadiens” (you’re going to understand why it’s called that way), a tower that has 52 floors and is the biggest complex of apartments in the city (the only one allowed).

Next door you have the “Bell Center” which is a sports hall, it is notably the home of the “Montreal Canadiens” (the super-popular hockey team). It’s not only the largest hockey arena in the National Hockey League, it is also the largest hockey arena in North America and the world, so you see i’m not joking when i rent a room.


The people who live there by year or rent an apartment are relatively very rich, the opposite of me though lol

Building where the security is high (with an entry pass), caretaker at the reception all day/night, everything is luxurious (i’ll show you the elevator in an upcoming article), the only fail is at night outisde, not very safe.

After 10 pm i was not going outside to smoke anymore, there were lot of homeless and drug addicts in all directions, always asking for cigarettes or… ask you for cocaine (even here they believe i’m a drug dealer LMAO, what’s wrong with my face? I’m ALWAYS checked by security, especially at the airport).

I finish my day with a meal taken away from the macdo just beside and it was an epic experience (I still laugh).

After the names of “Big Mac Menu” here, or the “Big Macセット” (set) in Japan, here I got the “Big Mac Trio”.

The cashier didn’t understand what I wanted (even if we both spoke french lol)…

-A big mac menu please

-…………A trio?

-If it includes the burger, the fries and the drink then yes I want a trio big mac (I wanted to laugh).

In short, the most important thing is that I ate what I wanted hahaha.

At 11 pm I was definitely dead and in a deep coma.


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