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Friday 2017/04/07: Montreal arrival

Before starting this article, I opened a Flickr account, if you want to see the pics in HQ, click HERE (I upload news photos there every time I create an article).

So I left Charleroi on Friday 7th April around 9am.

A train to Brussels and then the TGV to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.
I had already been at this airport last year and I must admit that I’m not a fan of it. The fact that you have to print your labels for the luggage and to register it yourself, especially in times of vacation rush is just tiring!
Queues everywhere but the most boring remains the passports control!
Last time I almost missed my plane for Kiev because it was so crowded, I ran like crazy and I swore that I would never go to Paris again to fly (huge fail lol).

I started a migraine crises right in the queue (for info I’m suffering from migraines with aura at a random level, fortunately I always have medication on me), arrived at the luggage control I couldn’t see anything (cause of the “aura” that completely blurs my vision) and all the advice I gave you here I forgot all of them haha! So I forgot my bottle of water in my bag, I had to empty my bag completely, I just wanted to kill (yes with migraine, this desire is worst XD).

Very good flight with Air France (seats all taken, even the one next to me *cries*), good meals (pictures below) and great service, we just arrived 15 minutes late.

So get ready for a long wait when you land at Montreal airport. Takes forever to arrive to the customs and once there, it takes forever again.

Although customs are well managed (different queues for the Canadian, American and other countries passports), hey it was long (especially since i left home), I aspired to be in a quiet place.

Once I went outside the airport (more than 1 hour after my arrival), Dan (my AIRBNB host) picked me up with his big JEEP and we left for the apartment.
I had to be in the rush hour of course, it was a long journey, but thanks to Dan the time seemed shorter.

To be honest, it’s the first time that I’m so much lost when arriving in a country, he spoke to me but sincerely I don’t remember a lot lol

Lost my bearings, probably because of the jet lag or something. In short, once at the apartment I could unpack and discover my new environment.
The time to settle, to go buy me some water at the convenience store, take a shower and fight a bit with Morpheus, I slept with a splendid view from my bed on the 44th floor.


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