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Montreal preparations (part.2)

The week of my departure for Montreal is finally here! 😀

Between work and final preparations, I’m pretty busy right now.

If I wasn’t working, my suitcase would already have done since at least 1 month, but at least it’s finished.

On monday I went to the bank for my Canadian dollars, I find them very colorful and cute haha, here they are:

I also bought some typical Belgian “souvenirs” for my airbnb host like chokotoff, Guylian chocolate seafood and Speculoos. I wanted to bring some beer, but I’m afraid during transport, so it will be for another time.

He’s going to pick me up at the airport of Montreal when I arrive to drop me at the apartment, give me the keys and show me around!

Bringing him some souvenirs from here seemed quite logical to me, that’s the least I can do (in addition to tipping him for transport obviously).

It reassures me because I won’t be right away alone in an unknown environment at more than 5000km from home.

The schedule for my week is over and quite busy, I hope to be able to stick to it because there is much to see and to visit.

On Montreal I have a lot of time so it should be fine, but since I only stay one night in Quebec City and one night in Ottawa, I’ll have to run to visit whatever interests me!

Anyway, according to all the people who went to Canada with whom I’ve talked, there’s a good chance I’ll be back there soon, so at the worst, I can always postpone things.

I’ll confirm if these statements from those people are right 🙂

Regarding weather, currently we’re between 2 seasons, forecasts change all the time but we’re far from the -20 degrees of last month (saved haha).

It should be from 4 to 15 degrees (the max) that week … Let’s see 😉

At firt I created this blog to share my trips photos/videos to my family friends, so let’s talk a bit about it.

I’ve never been interested in photography, I’m rather into video.

My video camera is ready, camera stand is in the suitcase (we never know), about the photo camera…Well XD

I don’t own a photo camera, my last purchase dates back to 2007 and my Chinese smartphone makes better pictures compared to that old one haha.

I was in the perspective of buying a compact one before my departure but an event suddenly appeared, I had the choice between:

1) Buy a compact camera (budget: 300-400€).
2) Attend to a “Supernatural” (tv show) convention a whole weekend in Paris at the end of April.

For those who know me very well, you know I didn’t think for so long and I chose this:


Everyone has priorities in life: D

I asked a nice friend to lend me her small photo camera, that way I can at least have one.

Don’t expect awesome pics, I’m NOT a photographer and I’ll never pretend to be.

The purchase is therefore postponed to a later date.

On the other hand, I opened my YouTube channel, it will allow me to share the videos of my travels.

I won’t publish videos during my trip because I don’t have my computer to transfer the videos and make the edit, so it will be on my return.

I only bring my smartphone and my tablet for this trip.

YouTube channel that I’ll share when I finish to customize it.

By the way, do you want to see me appearing in the videos or the landscape is enough for you?

I would like to have your opinion to know how to edit the videos 🙂

From the comments already received on this subject, you would like to see both.

In the meantime you can like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Instagram!!

What else to add?

I leave this Friday, April 7th around 9am from Charleroi, I’ll give you some news when I arrive in Montreal (maybe not directly on my blog but on social networks yes).

So, I wish you already a good Easter holiday, enjoy!!


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